Top Class Facilities: TNI's Sports Infrastructure

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May 21, 2024

Top Class Facilities: TNI's Sports Infrastructure

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) is renowned for its military strength, serving as one of the main pillars of state sovereignty and security. But did you know? The TNI also boasts sports facilities with top-class infrastructure.

These facilities include the TNI AD Headquarters in Central Jakarta, TNI Headquarters in Cilangkap, and the TNI AL Academy in Surabaya. Datra is proud to have been trusted to successfully develop numerous infrastructures for the Indonesian Army. Let's review the facilities available at these sports complexes.

TNI AD Headquarters, Central Jakarta

Datra is honored to have received direct trust from the highest leadership of the Indonesian Army to construct and install the MONDO Sportflex Supex X 720 K39 track. This running track has proven its quality at various international sporting events, including the Olympics.

Interestingly, the TNI AD Headquarters in Central Jakarta was the first location in Indonesia to install a MONDO track. This running and athletics track system has witnessed numerous world records set by the best athletes.

Furthermore, the TNI AD Headquarters also installed 660 Avant Coolin chairs. With an ergonomic design, these chairs provide maximum audience comfort. Another advantage of this chair is its anti-UV and antioxidant certification and construction from heavy-duty HDPE plastic. Avant Coolin chairs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Perkasa Cilangkap Stadium

At Perkasa Stadium, TNI Headquarters, Cilangkap, Datra is also trusted to provide running track and stadium chair solutions. Here, we showcase the Mondotrack WS, the same track system used during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. One of the advantages of this product is its slip resistance and traction for runners, making it very safe and comfortable to use.

Like at the TNI Headquarters in Central Jakarta, Perkasa Stadium is also equipped with an Avant Coolin stadium seating system, featuring 758 seats.

Surabaya Indonesian Navy Academy

The Indonesian Navy Academy in Surabaya also boasts excellent running track facilities, where Datra has installed the Herculan SR Sprint system. This running track system is World Athletics (WA) certified and consists of three high-performance layers coated with flexible, durable polyurethane.

This facility serves as the main training area for soldiers from the Indonesian Navy Military Academy in Surabaya. Additionally, the field is open to the public and is often used as a training location by runners of various skill levels. Visitors can enjoy running activities while admiring the stunning natural surroundings.

If you plan to install a running track, contact Datra immediately. Our team is ready to help with budget preparation, design, product supply, and installation. Together, we create quality sports infrastructure for the community.

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