Criteria for International Stadium Seating

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August 25, 2021

Criteria for International Stadium Seating

Installing a new stadium seating system into any type of arena is a major operation that involves careful thought and planning, with safety and a positive spectator experience critical to every design and installation.

Product Durability – stadium seating must be durable; The effects of long-term use and weather can take their toll, especially for outdoor stadiums that are exposed to the many elements. The scorching sun, prolonged rain, snow, wind and fatigue can make low-quality chairs susceptible to damage. Superior quality sports stadium seats, both plastic and upholstered, are designed to withstand heavy use. The range of stadium seats from Datra provides a lifetime of reduced costs with significantly reduced maintenance time and costs – the superior quality of our products means they don't need to be repaired or reinstalled as often as possible.

Stadium Seat Safety and Comfort

Strict safety regulations with the aim of protecting spectators and stadium staff, contributing to the overall spectator experience, ensuring the safety and well-being of stadium occupants during performances.

The Datra project team is responsible for ensuring quality control standards are met and strict regulations are complied with regarding the following:

With experience in installing seats for more than 100,000 stadium seats in Indonesia from Sabang to Marauke. We guarantee the quality and criteria of the seats we install can meet all safety and comfort standards in the Stadium. For the products we offer, we have two main products, namely Ferco Seating which has guaranteed quality in various major European stadiums and Avant Seating, an economical choice with high quality for your stadium.

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