What is Datra?

Datra is a leading ISO Certified construction firm in Indonesia, specializing in building inspiring environment and venues that draw communities and people together, such as sport facilities, education and community spaces.

What can we engage Datra in?

We assist in the following works to assist you with developing an inspiring public space,
1 Construction Projects (Design and Build)
- Architectural and 3D designs
- Construction specifications
- Site clearance and foundation piling
- Concrete works
- Onsite project management
- In-house construction team
- End-to-end building construction

2. Sports Contractor
- Concept and 3D modeling
- Construction drawings
- Project timeline
- Project budgeting

3. Flooring Solutions
- Venue design and planning
- Technical drawings and 3D modeling
- Subbase, civil and drainage work
- Comprehensive field of play construction and equipment integration
- International Certification
- Sports Equipment
- Venue management and maintenance

4. Seating Solutions
- Venue/space consultation
- Layout design, 3D modeling
- Seating supply & installation, including quality control
- Seat repairs
- Seat restoration

5. Consulting Services
- Conduct site analysis
- Study clients' requirements
- Provide technical insights and cost/benefit analysis
- Offer solutions according to budget
- Project estimation (timeline & budgeting)
- Smart Venue and Access Technology Integration

What sets Datra apart from other construction companies?

Since 1981, we have taken a very personal and hands-on approach in completing thousands of projects in Indonesia with unrivaled professionalism, coherence, excellence, and reliability. This has given us the trust of many to tackle the biggest challenges, such as the renovations of Indonesia’s national stadiums.

Do you offer any customization options for your sports facilities?

Yes, we offer a range of customization options for our sports facilities, including options for court/field size, materials used, color schemes and more. Our team will work with you to ensure we meet your needs and specifications.

Do you offer maintenance services for your sports facilities?

Yes, we offer a range of maintenance services to keep your sports facility in top shape. These services include court/field cleaning, line painting, surface and product repairs/replacements.

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