Tiang Basket Outdoor Kustom

Wajib dipesan (per outdoor slammer) :

  • 1x Upright outdoor slammer, incl. mounting ware
  • 1x Anchor set outdoor slammer

Lalu, Sesuaikan kebutuhan Anda dalam 3 cara :

  1. Pilih 1 atau 2 tiang :
  • Beam projection 225 cm
  • Beam projection 165 cm
  • Beam projection 60 cm

2. Pilih Backboard yang diinginkan :

  • Anti-vandalism with mesh grid 180x150 cm
  • Anti-vandalism with mesh grid 120x90 cm
  • Polyester 180x105 cm
  • Polyester 120x90 cm
  • Height adjustable acrylic backboard 180x105 cm

3. Pilih ring basket yang sesuai :

  • Anti-vandalism ring without net
  • Fixed ring with net included

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