Basketball Court Standard Size


September 30, 2021

Basketball Court Standard Size


FIBA Standard Basketball Court Size

As the parent body of the international basketball federation, FIBA ​​has implemented standard rules for the sport of basketball. One of the most important rules is regarding the size of the basketball court. The standard basketball court for FIBA ​​tournaments is 28 meters x 15 meters. With a diameter of 3.6 meters in the center circle and a 3-point line distance from the basketball hoop, it is 6.75 meters from the center of the court and 6.6 meters from the corner spot. The FIBA ​​standard basketball hoop height is 3.05 meters or 10 feet with a free throw distance of 4.6 meters. The FIBA ​​standard itself is widely used in countries around the world and is the benchmark for major tournaments such as the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup.

NBA Standard Basketball Court Size

Whereas there is little difference between FIBA ​​and NBA standards. The standard NBA field has a slightly larger size, which is 28.65 long and 15.24 meters wide, this applies to NBA and WNBA competitions. The difference is also in the 3-point line distance, which is 7.24 meters for the center area and 6.7 meters from the corner. The ring height is the same as the FIBA ​​standard. This measure is only used in NBA or WNBA competitions in the United States because most other countries use the FIBA ​​standard for their court sizes. In addition to the size of the field there are several other rules that have a standard difference between FIBA ​​and the NBA, we will discuss this on another occasion!

If you are looking for a contractor who is experienced in making international standard basketball courts, either FIBA ​​or NBA and flooring and basketball hoop products that have also been recognized by FIBA, you can directly contact us for more information.

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