Collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Sports, KOI and Datra Group: Encouraging the Growth of Sustainable Sports Facilities


June 24, 2024

Collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Sports, KOI and Datra Group: Encouraging the Growth of Sustainable Sports Facilities

(Press Release) Jakarta, 14 June 2024 – In an effort to advance sustainable sports facilities in Indonesia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), and PT Datra Internusa collaborated in a discussion panel entitled "Visionary Solutions for World-Class, Sustainable Sports & Community" at the ISFEX 2024 event at ICE BSD. This event was attended by important figures such as the Secretary General of KOI Wijaya Noeradi, Assistant Deputy for Community Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Suyadi Pawiro, and Director of PT Datra Internusa Veronica Thiodora.

Suyadi Pawiro highlighted the urgent need to improve and develop sports facilities and infrastructure in Indonesia. "The 2023 PUPR evaluation noted that 22 stadiums need to be renovated. In fact, there are still many districts and cities that do not have sports centers at all. Even if they do, many are poorly maintained. Even though the positive impact of sports facilities is very attractive for the economy, including increasing sales of apparel, sports tourism, and match ticket sales," he said.

The need for community sports facilities is not only limited to large stadiums but must also include facilities at the community level, including schools. "At the community level, facilities such as schools are also very limited. There are still many schools that do not have adequate sports fields or even none at all," added Suyadi.

The government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is trying to increase the number of sports facilities by utilizing open space. "Our idea of ​​open space for sports can be realized from stadiums to pedestrian use. And we hope that the private sector can take more of a role," said Suyadi.

The Role of PT Datra Internusa

PT Datra Internusa is a leading construction company in Indonesia that focuses on developing public play spaces, cultural venues and sports arenas. With its experience of participating in large projects such as the renovation of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium for the 2018 Asian Games and the construction of the Jakarta International Stadium, Datra Internusa continues to innovate to create high-quality sports facilities that support sustainability.

PT Datra Internusa is committed to providing sports facilities that not only meet international standards but also support community welfare. Veronica welcomed the government's initiative to increase the number of sports facilities. "The presence of quality venues can encourage the economy and cultural activities of the community. Through multifunctional stadiums, people can not only enjoy sports matches but also art events, music concerts and other entertainment activities. From the presence of a venue, we both know that the economic impact is high, including improving the local economy," he explained.

Veronica also emphasized the importance of good planning for grandstand capacity and facilities in developing sports infrastructure. "Stadium seating seems simple, even though its function is not just seating. But it is a tool to ensure security, comfort and monitor the number of spectators," he said.

Veronica Thiodora also explained, “In carrying out projects, it is important to ensure that we work with partners who have the appropriate experience and expertise. Therefore, it is a good idea to always verify the quality and authenticity of the products offered. PT Datra Internusa is always committed to punctuality, guaranteed quality, and being a proven safe choice for project owners."

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

KOI Secretary General, Wijaya Noeradi, added that sports facility planning must follow sustainability principles. "Planning for the construction of sports facilities must be in line with sustainable principles so that their use can last for the long term. Don't let the construction of a facility be carried out just to meet the needs of an event, but after the event the facility is left unused," he said.

Wijaya also introduced the concept of temporary sports facilities that can be dismantled and assembled according to event needs. "In London there are portable equestrian facilities in the middle of city parks. When the event is over, these facilities can be dismantled and will no longer be a burden for maintenance costs. We can consider this concept in the construction of sports facilities," he added.

Veronica hopes that the government, private contractors, communities and other stakeholders can carry out closer collaborative work in encouraging the creation of quality sports facilities in Indonesia. "This is important to encourage domestic economic and cultural progress through the sports industry. PT Datra Internusa is ready to support the government's development plans with the maximum and best results," he concluded.

Learn from This Collaboration

Through this collaboration, it is clear that improving and developing sports facilities in Indonesia requires a holistic and sustainable approach. Joint efforts between the government, private sector and communities will ensure that the facilities built can provide long-term benefits for society and the economy. PT Datra Internusa is committed to continuing to innovate and support this vision, creating spaces that not only support physical activity but also enrich social and cultural life.

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